Silvio Agius

Silvio Agius is the official founder of Executive Guns & Ammo, The 43 year old licenced port worker was born in a hunter background, always by his father's side therefore following his footsteps and falling in love with firearms and hunting, at age 21 he started his very own collection, formed by Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns. He then took several courses in handling,shooting and as a firearm instructor. It was there when he decided to take it a step further and convert his collection into a shop, and that is how Executive Guns & Ammo was formed.

Paul Agius

Paul Agius - Silvio Agius's brother, also grew up in the same hunter based background, He is an equally important man to the business even though not the founder, Paul's favourite part of the hobby/business is cleaning, he loves having his firearms clean, neat, tidy and always working smoothly. He is the fast learner in our team and tends to fix most our problems.

Ramses Agius

Ramses Agius is the youngest in the team, He is Silvio's son. He too was born in guns, better yet a gun shop. He follows his father's footsteps and hopes to one day take over the family business, He loves firearms as much as his father does, and likes taking them down and cleaning them as much as his uncle does.

The Executive Guns & Ammo club Shooting Team